How To Support Us

To make a success of an exciting project such as the WBL Greenway we need popular support and resource, whether in the form of expertise or money to further each stage of the project.

You Can Help By:

  • Putting you name forward to become an active Member of the WBLGreenway CIC that has been set up, identifying any relevant skills you bring to the organisation. Just send us a few words, maybe a cv to: . We would welcome inquiries from those who have skills in the following area:
    • Social Media
    • IT and Web design
    • Fund raising
    • Previous similar experience

Engage With The Project

  • IMPORTANT – To show that this project has real popular support by subscribing to our followers list on – allowing us to demonstrate to the decision makers that there is a strong demand for a sustainable trackway through Worcestershire and Herefordshire. Link –
  • Support us financially – remember we must raise £32,000 to undertake the feasibility study by Sustrans. Without this document we cannot expect Worcestershire CC or Herefordshire CC to readily appreciate the steps needed to undertake this beneficial project. Please transfer whatever funds you feel appropriate to our bank account – as all of the CIC’s Administration and running costs are covered by our Member subscription fee, any additional monies gifted and donated will be earmarked for the feasibility study.
  • Worcester Bromyard Leominster Greenway CIC NOTE: It is a business account – use WORCS BROM LEO GRNWAY for security checks BUT as the Co-op bank has not yet signed up to the security agreement the name will come up as “not matched” so please double check the sort code and account number you have entered before you proceed.
  • Co-op Bank plc PO box 250 Skelmersdale
  • Sort: 08-92-99
  • Account: 65985982

However, you decide to show your support, please pass on the website address to those that you know may also have an interest in this project, friends, colleagues, members of a walking or cycling club. Also remember to raise this as an issue when your local political candidates knock on your door to discuss local issues. Also consider supporting if you live outside the immediate area – it will be an indication of the number of potential visitors to our area further substantiating our economic benefit claims.


By clicking on the link below you can forward a single page document that summarises our aims, it also contains links to our website and the followers page on Survey

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